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1. How long should I sharpen or polish?

Typically, you should achieve a very good sharpening result with 30-60 seconds per operation. However, if your knife is heavily worn and has not been sharpened for a long time, it is possible that you will need more time for sharpening and polishing.

For transport, we also offer knife bags, cases, and boxes in many styles for all of our knife variants.


2. My knife is still not sharp after polishing. What then?

Depending on how dull the knife was before sharpening, it may be necessary to spend more time sharpening. Repeat the sharpening and polishing process. Finally, check with the test card whether the edge is absolutely burr-free and glides gently over the card.


3. Should always be sharpened and polished?

No, not at all. If you polish your still sharp knives for a few seconds before daily use (or even in between with intensive use) on the ceramic side of the rods, you will significantly improve the sharpness and performance of your knives. So don't wait until your knife can no longer cut.


4. How long do the sharpening rods last?

The diamond coating was specially developed for sharpening knives and does not wear off almost at all. The ceramic rods are even more robust. Here, an additional refinement of the surface can be observed through regular use, which actually favors polishing. When wiping the blade with a dry cloth to finish the grinding and polishing processes, you will find abrasions. These are pure knife dust and not abrasion of the rods.


5. Can I sharpen a knife with a 40° angle also with the 30° setting?

Yes, it is possible. However, it should be noted that it takes some time to adjust the edge to the new grinding angle. See also point 2.


6. Does the possible discoloration of the ceramic rods affect the polishing performance?

No, there are no impairments here. However, make sure to clean the sharpening and polishing rods regularly.

7. Can the knives also be sharpened dry?

Yes, that is also possible, but we do not recommend it, as the sharpener will quickly become dirty.


8. How do I check if my knife is really sharp?

Use the test card or make a cutting test with a tomato.

9. Can knives with a serrated edge also be sharpened with the MAX?

Please do not sharpen knives with a serrated or wavy edge.

10.   Do I still need a honing steel?

A coarse honing steel is definitely not needed anymore.





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